Decorative Picture Fraktal

Created to unwind, inspire
Original, unique

For your home, office, surgery, hotel, clinic, restaurant.

My Fractals

Fractals are images intuitive, unreal, without rules – resulting from the form, where the whole intuitively intertwines with each other creating a coherent, but irregular pattern, hypnotizing with its dynamics. Each of them is unique, individual does not have two similar fractals.

Fractals are images drawn by me, using the method that I have been developing and improving over the years. I created an original new technique combining drawing with painting. In intention, they have a decorative character. The intention of my drawings is to invite you to rest, so that the viewer’s eyes can be soothed, so that the brain can switch from the left to the right hemisphere responsible for creativity and relaxation.

As an architect, I searched for big decorative elements for interior design, they can ornament and create individualised space.

Fractals are the result of exploration and experience from various areas of life.

I lived in India in my youth. The visual space of this world was quite different from what the European eye is used to. Geometric reality gave way to curvatures, ellipses, contours and shapes became unobvious. When I looked, my eyes rested, my mind recovered, and I took on a completely different perspective.

I try to transfer the same experience to my Fractals. The intention of my drawings is to invite you to rest. In order for the viewer’s eyes to find comfort, to allow the brain to switch from the left to the right hemisphere, so that one can look at the fractal, reset and regenerate, move from analysis to creation, immerse in its own intuition.

Overlapping realities

I overlap several layers of lines, creating an ever thicker mesh, which can eventually forma pure white plane. Lines are like emotions, thoughts – one does not create anything yet, but when repeated for a certain time, it creates a pattern, a mesh – a reality.
Patterns overlap one over the other. It stands for overlapping of different realities in life; realities which keep creating something new. One line can create a new direction of the pattern, just like meeting one person can change your life completely.

This method of creating images has been created by me, on the basis of years of my experiments and pursuits.

Images that adapt to the interior

Fractal is a painting that organically permeates the interior for the needs it has been prepared for. They adapt to the interior – The image base can be in the color of the wall or in a color harmoniously matching the rest of the equipment. The painting can function like a mural in the interior, when the color of the wall is the same color as the color of the paint in the image makes Fractal, although it is a picture, gives the impression of being placed on the wall.

Working methods

Images are created on an MDF of 0.5-0.3 mm. The board is painted with acrylic paint in a dark color. The next step is painting silver or gold or other paint or texture. On this prepared substrate I go to the next, most characteristic step for me and the distinctive sign of Faktala – a pattern drawn with a white line. In the center of the pictures is the element of golden ceramics.

Images can be created to order and matched to the interior. I also create images inspired by contact with the client, resulting from reflection on his personality and character.

About me

Fractals combine my education and passion.

I graduated in architecture and post-graduate methods and techniques of relaxation. I am fascinated by how the pattern of its shapes and proportions can affect the human psyche and how the composition of color and shape can itself become a way to regenerate and rest.

As an architect, I searched for interior decoration of large decorative elements that can decorate the space and give it an individual character. My search and experience led me to the point where I decided to create such decorations myself.

The following gallery is only part of Faktala. Those interested in viewing live images and buying, I invite you to contact.
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